Read about a young man who hunts down bloodthirsty night creatures in the first installment to the Legend of the Vampires epic fantasy series.

A Storm Gathers

The Vampires regroup in their subterranean halls. A grieving Queen obsesses over her love for an exiled werewolf. An ancient cult worships a crystal artifact to summon a mystical storm. A royal advisor seeks the help of a wizard once revered as a god. And just one young vampire slayer named Nero prepares to shield the city from the forces of darkness. Then something rips the sky in half...

"You will learn to love me again." Then she kissed the beast.


Jigsaw Movie Poster


Oh yes, there will be blood. Remember that chilling tagline from the 2005 horror sequel SAW II? The franchise, divided on whether a cult classic or torture porn, sat tall on the throne of Halloween flicks for seven consecutive years.

Split Movie Poster

Four Reasons To Go See M. Night Shyamalan's New Movie 'Split'

The latest M. Night Shyamalan movie Split builds on the quality writing—and success—of his previous film The Visit. After a decade long dry spell, M. Night Shyamalan reinvented himself with more compelling narratives and plot twists comparable to his earlier work.

Vampire drawing

A Brief History on Vampires

Vampires did not originate with Dracula. The timeline of the vampire mythology stretches back far beyond the classic literature of Bram Stoker and even his historical inspiration from Prince of Wallachia Vlad III “the Impaler.”


David Allen Patrick


Vampires never before appealed to David Patrick when he decided to write a whole series on the vampire mythology. Even after he finished his first book, he still had not seen a single movie, read a story, or played a video game on vampires. So what actually fascinated David in his childhood and adolescence, and why did he ever decide to publish a novel about vampires if he did not like them?

David struggled with reading at an early age but loved to draw—not doodles or scribbles but impressive sketches of his favorite cartoons, especially his favorite comedy Rocko’s Modern Life and his favorite drama Dragon Ball Z. Such a hobby only deterred him further from reading—a major source of inspiration for writers—but David quickly fell in love with the movie that would revolutionize his creativity.